Robert + Ashley|Connections Series

I’ve known Robert and Ashley for 5 years. I met them when I shot Ashley’s sisters wedding. They hadn’t gotten married yet, but they did soon after. There are people in your life that you just LOVE being around. There is just something about their presence, their hearts. As much as I love being around them, I LOVE being around their children. You would think having 5 kiddos (2 of them twins) would phase them, but they just seem to roll with it.

My original intention when starting this was to get my married couples to stop the daily grind of going here and going there and to focus on each other for a couple of hours. I wanted to ask them questions about their relationships. I wanted to get them to walk down memory lane. That is where the reconnect came from. However, after talking with Robert and Ashley, I decided to change it to connections. This will include more than just a husband and wife, it could include grandmas and grandpas, families…etc.

At the next session, I will use video rather than just recording the voices.

Thank you Robert and Ashley for doing this for me. I love your story!!


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