Operation: Reconnect

A little story behind all of this would probably be appropriate. I’ve always wanted to capture true emotion in my images. I am a firm believer that this life we live is a story being written right before our eyes. Our story started when we were conceived and our story will continue until we take our last breath. What does your story look like? It’s not boring I’m sure. Perhaps your story right now is just kind of humming along, no bumps, no hiccups. Your story might be getting your kids off to soccer practice on time, studying for your Masters. Maybe your story is losing a loved one, having a sick child.

My sister has often talked about your love language. What is love language? Love language is more than just saying ‘I love you’. It’s how you show your spouse value, how much they mean to you. For my marriage, my husband shows how much he loves me in providing well for his family, making sure things work in the home, taking care of the yard, etc. My love language to him is making a good meal for him, doing the dishes, picking up the house…etc. There are many ways we show our loved ones how much we love them.

Throughout our 25 years of marriage, we have had our highs and lows. Twice we separated, we made mistakes, be we received grace and forgiveness and God has blessed our marriage. We’ve experienced loss of babies, births of babies, loss of ¬†grandmothers, mom and dad…our story has highs and lows. Our story isn’t over and neither is yours.

My inspiration for this series comes from two photographers. Jesh De Rox (https://www.jeshderox.com/) and Miles Boyer (http://www.mileswittboyer.com/). Actually, after I found Miles on Instagram, I asked a question and his response to me hit the right spark..it shifted in me what needed shifted and I felt like this idea was ready to shoot.

What we will do in this series is walk through parts of your story. You have to be open, and willing to go where I lead. This series will only be open to clients I’ve photographed in the past. So, no new people yet. I need to get my feet wet in this with people I’m already comfortable with. Once I’ve shot a few, I will open it up to others.


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